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Created on the Baltic Opera Ballet
Premiere: Nov 2021



Created on the Baltic Opera Ballet in 2021

There is no life without water.

Cloudburst is a neoclassical one-act ballet in three movements: Ritual, Celebration and Life, which was inspired by ancients civilisations worship of nature and explores our evolving relationship with water and the climate. How pre-Colonial civilisations gave thanks and realised the importance water and rain meant for their society, to how we have romanticised it in modern art and forgotten how important this resource is for our everyday life.

Duration: 18'


Choreography: Ruaidhrí Maguire

Music: Kai Engel, John Adams, Jóhann Jóhannsson

Sound design: Amelia Clarkson
Lighting design: Michal Stenzel

Costume: Ewelina Guzewicz

Created on the Baltic Opera Ballet.

Premiere: 29-30 Nov 2021  - Wieczór młodej choreografii (co-funded by the Minister of Culture, National Heritage and Sport from the finances of the programme Dance)


Original cast (29-30 Nov 2021): Mayu Takata, Gento Yoshimoto, Gwenllian Davies, Sayaka Haruna-Kondracka, Danila Marzilli, Giovanni Chavez Madrid, Daniel Morrison, Jacopo Severini

Full 18' recording available on request

Photography by Krzysztof Mystkowski

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